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Global airfreight is a highly dynamic business with constantly changing demands and capacities. In this volatile environment, we will be your reliable partner allowing you to focus on your business while we take care of your airfreight logistics. With a wide range of products, service levels, and value-added services, we are sure to find the right solution for you.



Our airfreight network comprising of a balanced set-up of gateways in key markets and local operations enables us to provide quality airfreight services on a global scale.

Our offices on-site ensure quick and knowledgeable local customer service. For selected industries we have leveraged our long lasting expertise into a range of industry-specific solutions tailored to meet your Healthcare, Automotive, Perishables or Fashion needs.



We as a company is strongly committed to sustainability. We are proud to actively contribute as a business partner in the day-to-day transformation of the airfreight industry towards a more sustainable future. As a member of the Sustainable Air Freight Alliance (SAFA) we support SAFA’s sustainability dialog between shippers, freight forwarders and airlines to drive the development of the airfreight industry towards sustainable and cleaner airfreight.

Cleaner logistics starts with emissions transparency. We have set up capabilities to provide that transparency for our airfreight customers. Emission footprints can be calculated for new as well as historic airfreight traffic in compliance with latest Global reporting standards (EN 16258 and GLEC).

To tackle airfreight emissions, we offer a variety of solutions aimed at emission compensation and avoidance. Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), verified carbon offsets, or a change to an integrated Sea-Air solution are among the most effective options available today. We shape solutions that meet your business needs.

Special Handling

We can handle not only standard cargo but also oversized cargo, heavy lifts, dangerous goods, and valuables with special origin and destination handling including individual trucking solutions.


Especially for Healthcare or Perishables cargo but also for any other temperature-sensitive cargo we offer temperature-controlled services with several temperature ranges, passive packaging etc

Buyers Consolidation

We can take care of your multiple incoming shipments, consolidate via one of our warehouses around the world and provide you with one consolidated shipment for your ease.



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